Plant Nutrients


Everything your plants need to grow and thrive.

The well-being of a plant relies on a combination of several factors. In addition to light, water and temperature, growth is affected by the nutritional intake. Nutrients are like plant vitamins.

Plants receive the carbon, oxygen and hydrogen they need from the air and water. The plant nutrient capsules contain all the trace elements still required by the plants, which include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and iron. The nutrient is naturally balanced so the plant gets everything it needs in the right proportions.

The nutrient mix cannot be organic because that would negate any guarantee of it being free from heavy metals or bacteria, for example. Of course, the nutrient does not contain any pesticides, preservatives or other chemicals. The plant nutrient has been developed in collaboration with Kekkilä fertilizer specialists.

We do not recommend the use of other nutrients in Plantui indoor gardens. The Plantui nutrient has been developed to be suitable for hydroponics and designed to be compatible with this particular device. Plantui’s plant nutrient is suitable for all plants in our selection.

In Plantui’s indoor garden, nutrients are easily accessible for the plants, absorbed directly from the water via the plant’s roots. This is made possible through Plantui’s hydroponic technology. The plant nutrient, with its correct dosage, guarantees that the plants receive the appropriate nutritional content – not too little, but not too much. Plantui’s magic potion ensure plants burst into life!


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