Plantui Smart Garden 3 – Starter set


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New version –  More sustainable and closer to nature!

The perfect starting package for a home gardener. It includes everything you need to begin growing right away:

Add herbs and salads effortlessly into your daily routine! The Plantui Smart Garden 3 is a wonderful way to begin indoor gardening. It is also a great choice for smaller spaces, due to its compact size. Use at home or at your office!

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With Plantui Smart Garden 3 you can grow herbs, salads, tomatoes, chili peppers and edible flowers even in the smallest corner of your home or office. Experience the joy of gardening and enjoy fresh, homegrown plants all year round.

What´s new in the version released in 2023

  • Nordic light implemented: the perfect light spectrum to produce tasty greens, thanks to the newest gardening LED technology.
  • Shorter day light for your comfort: the light cycle is 14 h ON and 10 h OFF so you can have a long night sleep (the plants still flourish thanks to the new LEDs)
  • Reduced consumption: 20 % less energy consumption than before
  • Improved irrigation automatization
  • Grow taller plants: the improved stability allows up to 5 height blocks ( of which 2 can be light blocks)

Advantages of Plantui indoor garden

  • Fresh, home-grown and 100% clean food all year round
  • Automatic and simple to use
  • Extremely high nutritional values
  • Techology optimised for plants – the device pampers your plants with the correct amount of water and light
  • Aesthetic Nordic design

The use of Plantui does not require any previous experience on gardening or indoor cultivation, it does nearly all of the work for you – and there is no need for soil. You get to concentrate on following the growth process and eating tasty greens.

Bring nature closer with Plantui indoor garden! We ensure growth 100% and will gladly help you with growing your plants.

Model  Smart Garden 3 
Warranty  2 years 
Capacity  3 plants 
  • 24 cm germination phase 
  • 31 cm with 1 height block 
  • 40 cm with 2 height blocks 
Weight  1.36 kg 
Diameter  19 cm 
Power Cord Length  180 cm 
Energy Consumption  42 kWh per year 
Voltage  12 V (global compatibility) 
Plug Types  A, C, G & I 
Dishwasher Safe  Yes (except electrical parts), max 55 °C 
Water Capacity  1 L 
Lights  9 high-end LED lights with photosynthesis spectra 
Automation  Pump, lights, day/night cycle 
Noise During Pumping  About 50 dB 
Material  ABS (BPA-free) 


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