Plantui Smart Microgreen

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Plantui Smart Microgreen

Price VAT 24% | VAT 0 %

Do you love microgreens? If yes – then you’ll definitely love this smart garden!

All you need for growing microgreens in one package! You’ll get tasty superfood straight from your own kitchen.

  • Grow fresh and nutritious microgreens
  • The intelligent lightning and irrigation method really pampers the plants
  • Works fully automatically, anyone will master it. Great gift idea!

If you wish to grow microgreens easily and fast, this Plantui Smart Microgreens device is for you. The package includes everything you need:

  • Plantui indoor garden
  • 2 bags of microgreen seeds (rocket salad and broccoli)
  • Plant nutrients

Enjoy super nutritious microgreens fresh cut from your own Plantui!

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With Plantui Smart Microgreen you’ll grow fresh microgreens easily within a couple of days!

Experience the joy of gardening and enjoy self-grown microgreens all year round. Microgreens will grow fast, in 1-2 weeks, so you can vary the flavors as often as you like.

Benefits of Plantui Indoor Garden

  • Fresh, domestic, 100% pure food all year round.
  • Automatic and easy to use
  • Very high nutritional values
  • Plant-optimized technology – the device pampers the plant with the right amount of light and water
  • Aesthetic Nordic design

Using Plantui doesn’t require previous experience in gardening or even indoor cultivation – it takes care of all the work for you. You can focus on following the growth and enjoying the delicious microgreens.

Plantui’s indoor gardens use hydroponic technology without mulch, no mess and no need for gloves.

Bring nature closer with Plantui Indoor Garden! We guarantee 100% growth and will be happy to help you all the way.

Model  Smart Microgreen
Warranty  2 years 
Capacity  6 plants 
  • 30 cm with 1 height block 
  • 37 cm with 2 height blocks 
Weight  2.45 kg 
Diameter  29 cm (35 cm with handles) 
Power Cord Length  180 cm 
Energy Consumption  60 kWh per year 
Voltage  12 V (global compatibility) 
Plug Types  A, C, G & I 
Dishwasher Safe  Yes (except electrical parts), max 55 °C 
Water Capacity  3 L 
Lights  18 high-end LED lights with photosynthesis spectra 
Automation  Pump, lights, day/night cycle 
Noise During Pumping  About 50 dB 
Material  ABS (BPA-free) 

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