Pre-grow kit – Flower Garden


Pre-grow your own flower garden!

Plantui will help you create an amazing potting garden full of beautiful flowers that take desserts to another level!
Add charm and cheer to any dish with our edible flowers Snapdragon and Violet.

The Pre-grow Tray is compatible with Plantui Smart Garden 6 and has space for 12 plants at a time and it is perfect for pre-growing seedlings. Plantui allows you to extend the growing season by germinating plants earlier than is normally possible without an indoor garden. Grow healthy and vigorous seedlings in your Plantui  and transplant to a greenhouse or potting garden!

Flower Garden kit contains: Pre-Grow Tray, 4 different flower capsule packages, plant nutrients
Plant capsules in package: 24 pcs

Pre-Grow Tray
The Plantui Pre-grow Tray helps you convert your indoor garden into a plant nursery.

2 x Snapdragon
This lovely, multi–coloured flower is the perfect decoration for any pastry.
Pre-growing time approx. 12 weeks

2 x Viola Yellow Jump
2 x Viola Ruby & Gold
2 x Viola Orange
Edible violets can be used as garnish on pastries and salads. Try putting them inside ice cubes as well!
Pre-growing time approx. 12 weeks

4 x bags of nutrient
(This kit contains 12 extra bags of nutrients all put together)


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