Pre-grow kit – Herb Garden

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Pre-grow kit – Herb Garden

Price VAT 24% | VAT 0 %

Pre-grow your own delicious herb garden!

Plantui will help you create an amazing potting garden full of tasty herbs.
Dill, coriander, flatleaf parsley, chervil, garden rocket, mint, rosemary and thyme are ready to season and charm all summer long!

The Pre-grow Tray is compatible with Plantui Smart Garden 6 and has space for 12 plants at a time and it is perfect for pre-growing seedlings. Plantui allows you to extend the growing season by germinating plants earlier than is normally possible without an indoor garden. Grow healthy and vigorous seedlings in your Plantui  and transplant to a greenhouse or potting garden!

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Product information

Herb Garden kit contains: Pre-Grow Tray, 8 different plant capsule packages, plant nutrients
Plant capsules in package: 24 pcs

Pre-Grow Tray
The Plantui Pre-grow Tray helps you convert your indoor garden into a plant nursery. 

Dill is truly a classic herb, one worth growing all year round.
Pre-growing time approx. 5-8 weeks

Coriander, or cilantro, is an important herb not only in Asian cooking, but also in Mediterranean, Mexican and French cuisine.
Pre-growing time approx. 5-8 weeks

Flatleaf Parsley
A fresh all-purpose herb with vitamins and iron.
Pre-growing time approx. 5-8 weeks

A classic of French cuisine. Garden chervil is a sophisticated herb that combines the flavours of aniseed and parsley with a hint of liquorice.
Pre-growing time approx. 5-6 weeks

Garden rocket
This classic rocket grows quickly. Top your pizza or add flavour to salads!
Pre-growing time approx. 3-5 weeks

A wonderfully fragrant herb to spice up and decorate desserts, fruit salads, cakes and savoury dishes.
Pre-growing time approx. 8 weeks

Try rosemary with roasted vegetables and meat.
Pre-growing time approx. 8 weeks

A very tasty herb! Crush the leaves gently to release more flavour.
Pre-growing time approx. 8 weeks

4 x bags of nutrient
(This kit contains 12 extra bags of nutrients all put together)


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