Salvia Rosmarinus

Try rosemary with roasted vegetables and meat. 

Rosemary originates from the Mediterranean. It is a fragrant herb with woody stems and evergreen needle-like leaves. 

For the best flavour, release the aromas of rosemary by crushing gently in a mortar. Rosemary is ideal for seasoning game and lamb dishes, vegetables and drinks. 

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Category: Herb
Package includes: 3 plant capsules + nutrients
First leaves in: 3 weeks
Growth and size: Slow; Small (2 Height blocks)
We recommend that you use one boosting light block to have a good growth.
How to cut: Cut from the top, you can do it as many times as you like. See pruning guide here.
When to eat: You can start eating when the plant is about 5 cm tall

Additional info: 

Rosemary germinates slowly, for about three weeks. Rosemary can be harvested about two months after sowing, when it is 5 cm tall. 

Harvest by cutting rosemary on the top. Over time, rosemary will grow branches and become more lush. However, rosemary should be cut moderately because it grows slowly. 


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