Cherry Tomato “Rubin” Pre-grow kit


Secure early harvest and pre-grow tomato seedlings with Plantui Smart Garden 6!

This kit contains special cherry tomatoes Rubin and the Pre-grow tray. It’s all you need to turn your Plantui Smart Garden 6 into tomato seedling factory.

Cherry tomato “Rubin” is a dwarf plants producing red, mini, round tomatoes in small bunches. Note! this plant is too tall to fully grow in smart gardens. 

The Pre-Grow tray is compatible with Plantui Smart Garden 6 and has space for 12 plants at a time and it is perfect for pre-growing seedlings. Plantui allows you to extend the growing season by germinating plants earlier than is normally possible without an indoor garden. Grow healthy and vigorous seedlings in your Plantui  and transplant to a greenhouse or garden!

Pre-Grow kit contains:
Pre-Grow Tray (Tray for 12 plants. Plantui Smart Garden 6 accessory)
4 x  Special Cherry tomato Rubin (in total – 12 plant capsules and 8 bags of plant nutrient)


Note! To use this Pre-Grow kit you need to have Plantui Smart Garden 6

Before transplanting to a greenhouse or potting garden, cut off the plastic parts of the plant capsule. The rock-wool capsule can be left in place: it will decompose and straighten roots after transplantation. 

Keep in mind when transplanting plants outdoors that they are not used to uv-radiation. We recommend you expose them to uv-radiation during the first few days. Do this by covering plants with a thin fabric or putting potted plants outside a few hours at a time during the first days. 

Transplanting is always a bit stressful for the plants. Make the process easier by watering the plants with water containing Plantui’s nutrients which the plants are already familiar with. Use the same portion: one measuring spoon in one litre of water.


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