Salvia officinalis

A herb with a taste that’s spicy, deep and strong. Fry sage leaves in butter to make a tasty sauce for pasta. 

Sage has a long history of medical usage. In the Middle Ages, sage was a popular medicinal herb for many ailmentsThere is a Latin saying from that period of history, which goes, “Cur moriatur homo, cui salvia crescit in horto”, meaning why should a man die when there is sage in the garden.” 

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Product information

Category: Herb
Package includes: 3 plant capsules + nutrients
First leaves in: 2 weeks
Growth and size: Medium speed; Tall (4 Heigh blocks)
This plant will need 1-2 extra height blocks for your Plantui in addition to the default 2 blocks which the device is shipped with. We recommend that you get one boosting light block in addition to the regular height blocks
How to cut: Pinch the top to maintain growth. See pruning guide here.
When to eat: You can start eating when the plant is about 6 cm high

Additional info:

Sage germinates in ten days. Cut sage for the first time when it is 6 cm tall, by cutting off the top pair of leaves. 

From then on, harvest by cutting the stem just above the pair of leaves below. The plant can be cut a lot at once, as long as a few pairs of leaves remain under the cutting point. This will encourage new branches and thicker growth, producing more leaves to harvest. 

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