Salad Bomb

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Salad Bomb

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A set of 6 different salads

Revitalise your everyday salads with this truly inspired variety-pack, containing six ways to spice things up! Did you know that while mustard seeds are used for seasoning, the leaves of the plant are also very tasty and can be used just like any other leafy vegetable.

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Garden cress 

This peppery herb is full of vitamins and iron. Add flavour to sandwiches and salads! 


This classic rocket grows quickly. Top your pizza or add some nutty, peppery flavour to your salad. 

Fringed Red mustard 

The pretty leaves of this mustard taste like Dijon mustard. 

Red Giant mustard 

Spicy and peppery mustard, full of vitamins A, B and C. 

Wasabi mustard 

A mustard with wasabi flavoured leaves. 


Our fastest growing salad with a fresh peppery taste. 

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