Seasons favourite plants

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A set of 3 plants you’ll absolutely fall in love with
Basil – Snapdragon – Bloody sorrel

This selection is beautiful to see, gives a nice atmosphere and is fun to use for family recipes.  We selected for you the great classic basil, a lively sorrel with purple vein and colorful snapdragon flowers.


Ocimum basilicum

This classic herb is so much more versatile than just pesto and pasta! Try a colourful combination with strawberries and peaches.

Basil is often called the king of herbs, having been found in the royal burial chambers of pyramids. Basil is a multi-purpose herb that can be used in a wide variety of foods. Try basil instead of mint in drinks!

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Antirrhinum Majus

This lovely, multi-coloured flower is the perfect decoration for any pastry. 

Snapdragon is aptly named as it looks like a dragon with its mouth open. Try squeezing the flower between your fingers and you will notice the resemblance! 

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Bloody Sorrel

Rumex sanguineus 

Fresh green leaves with red stripes and a vibrant taste. Falling in love with bloody sorrel is easy! 

Bloody sorrel is one of the prettiest and most spectacular salads you can imagine. The taste is fresh and lemony. Like rhubarb and wood sorrel, red veined sorrel contains oxalic acidgiving it a similar taste. 

Not only does red veined sorrel add flavour, when served fresh it’s also a feast for the eyes. Young leaves can be eaten as they arewhereas larger ones can be chopped and cooked in butter and cream. 

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“Seasons favorite plants” package contains three different plants, 9 plant capsules in total and the right dose of plant nutrients. The herbs in this package will be sufficient for about 9 months of growth in Plantui Smart Garden 3. 

  • Basil, our best seller that everybody like. Plantui basil grows big, vivid green leaves which are beautiful to see, and its aroma spread around the garden bringing joy. Of course, is the prefect variety for pesto
  • Bloody sorrel is the cutest sorrel and most probably the prettiest salad in our collection. The colorful leaves match perfectly with the green basil, and they are joyful also if you plant a garden full of it. Don´t get surprise by its citrusy flavor!
  • Snapdragon flowers add a little mystery to your garden, while you wait for the flower to open and reveal their color. You can guess with the whole family what it will be. Whether you will get a single color or a mix of them, these flowers combine perfectly with the other plants of the selection.

Try to prepare a unique salad tossing some young bloody sorrel leaves, basil, and snapdragon flowers in on a classic lettuce. You can also add more color adding some colorful cherry tomatoes or maybe watermelon cubes.

You can grow one of each of the 3 selected plant or just use one of them. In Plantui Smart Garden 6 we advise to plant 2 of each close to each other for a fuller look. If you wish to add other plants, just free your fantasy. Red cherry tomatoes and plants in the herbs category are the easiest to add to this selection.



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    Ordered this and Plantui 6 for my mom as a surprise ❤️

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