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Perilla frutescens

One of the most important herbs in Japanese cuisine. Use like basil or mint! 

Shiso has a wonderfully intricate taste and aroma, which must be experienced to truly appreciate. Shiso has a warm, exotic taste, but with a touch of familiarity. Shiso is a combination of mint, basil, cinnamon and lemon. 

Shiso grows big, decorative leaves. Shiso can be used like mint or basil. It is suitable for both hot dishes and salads, as well as for seasoning homemade lemonade. Try stuffing a large shiso leaf with fish tartare and wrap into a delicious bundle. 

If your objective is to grow large shiso leavestry boosting growth with extra light. 

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Product information

Category: Herb
Growing time: 8-12 weeks
Cutting and harvesting: Pinch the top to maintain growth
Package includes: 3 plant capsules + nutrients 

Shiso germinates in about 12 days. Shiso grows slowly at first but accelerates later. 

There are two options for cutting:
1) Cut Shiso at the top when it is about eight cm tall, and continue harvesting by cutting the stem so that at least one pair of leaves remains. This will make the plant grow new branches with small leaves that can then be harvested.
2) Let shiso grow without cutting the top at all. In this way, the individual leaves become very large. 

Either way, shiso can be harvested about a month after sowing. 

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