Plantui Smart Garden 6

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Are you a real plant lover? This intelligent indoor garden is designed to grow a versatile and abundant crop of herbs and greens.

The package includes everything you need to begin instant growing:

  • Plantui indoor garden (incl. 2 height blocks)

Grow six different types of plants or fill it with your favourite one – plenty of options!

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Plantui Smart Garden 6 takes care of the cultivation, and can grow fresh herbs, salads, tomatoes, chili peppers or even edible flowers.

Experience the joy of gardening anywhere and enjoy fresh, self-grown plants all year round.

Advantages of Plantui indoor garden

  • Fresh, home-grown and 100% clean food all year round
  • Automatic and simple to use
  • Extremely high nutritional values
  • Technology optimised for plants – the device pampers your plants with the correct amount of water and light
  • Aesthetic Nordic design

The use of Plantui does not require any previous experience on gardening or indoor cultivation, it does nearly all of the work for you – and there is no need for soil. You get to concentrate on following the growth process and eating tasty greens.

Plantui is also suitable for outdoor cultivation and with a Pre-Grow Tray add on it can also be used as a pre-grow device to support gardening.

With the help of Microgreens Tray, you can transform Plantui Smart Garden 6 into a microgreens factory!

Bring nature closer with Plantui indoor garden! We ensure growth 100% and will gladly help you with growing your plants.

Model  Smart Garden 6 
Warranty  2 years 
Capacity  6 plants 
  • 21 cm germination phase 
  • 30 cm with 1 height block 
  • 37 cm with 2 height blocks 
Weight  2.45 kg 
Diameter  29 cm (35 cm with handles) 
Power Cord Length  180 cm 
Energy Consumption  60 kWh per year 
Voltage  12 V (global compatibility) 
Plug Types  A, C, G & I 
Dishwasher Safe  Yes (except electrical parts), max 55 °C 
Water Capacity  3 L 
Lights  18 high-end LED lights with photosynthesis spectra 
Automation  Pump, lights, day/night cycle 
Noise During Pumping  About 50 dB 
Material  ABS (BPA-free) 

5 reviews for Plantui Smart Garden 6

  1. Minna

    I’ve used Plantui 6 for years and lately with a Microgreen tray to grow my of sprouts! Superb product

  2. kari

    My special setting is half of basil and half of dill. After 3 weeks I start same with my another Plantui and that’s how I have herbs 365 days/year.

  3. Ville

    Summer is almost here and it’s time to start my Plantui at my cottage by the sea. Why? because animals eat my small garden herbs and I like to watch them and see my plants are growin well indoor 🙂

  4. Annike

    I got a Plantui as housewarming present and really happy with it. Minette basil, thyme and parsley growing nicely. But I really like the soft light, and the fact of having green life in the house.

  5. Sue (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Plantui 6 for a month now and it is working wonderfully. The plants seem far happier than I’ve ever managed by myself, and bring a nice bit of greenery to my otherwise very sterile looking apartment. Additionally, Plantui’s customer service is excellent if you ever need to contact them.

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