Tarragon (Mexican variety)


Tagetes  lucida

A delicious & nutritious culinary herb as well as an effective herbal medicine. Enjoy it in your cooking or simply for a healthy infusion.

Mexican tarragon is an easy to grow plants characterized by linear shiny green leaves with a delicate anise-like aroma. In Europe is known for its delicate taste in cuisine and the French bearnaise sauce is a well-known example. In South America the plant has been widely used in traditional medicine and several beneficial effects have been recently studied. An ancient medical plant directly in your home.  Ready to try it?!


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Category: herb
Package includes: 3 capsules + 1 plant nutrient bag
First leaves in: 1-2 weeks
Growth, size, and shape: Medium growth speed; Medium (3-4 height blocks); Central stems and pairs of leaves.
How to cut: Pinching the plant from the top, you can do it as many times as you like. See pruning guide here.
When to eat: Start to eat as soon as the plant has few pairs of leaves (about 5 cm tall).
Grow it with: this herb grows well together with other herbs and plants with similar growing period and size, check our plant guide. However, you can try any combination you like, just make sure that each plant gets enough space and light.

More info & Curiosity:

Mexican tarragon is an easy plant to grow in your Plantui and it can be combined with any other plant. It grows with a nice pace, but its height can be kept under control by pinching the top of the plants. You can start pinching the plant and using the leaves when the plants is about 5 cm high, and keep on pinching it, the plant will grow back more brunches. Ideally you should not let your plant flowering, because that affect the leaves taste, but if that happens, no worries, you can eat the flower too!

There are 3 varieties of tarragon: the French, the Russian and the Mexican, the first two belong to the family of “Artemisia”, while the 3rd one belong to “Tagetes”. The leaves of the Mexican tarragon are very similar to the other tarragons, while the flowers resemble marigold flowers, and not surprising the plant is known also as Mexican marigold. In Europe the most common tarragon is the French one, which is used for the famous bearnaise sauce and other specialty. Mexican tarragon tastes like the French one and can perfectly substitute it in any preparation. Moreover, it can be used to give flavor to several savory or sweet dishes; it works it best when used fresh, or added at the end of cooking to preserve its delicate taste.  Tarragon can also be used in food preservation for its antimicrobial and antifungal activities.

The medical properties of this plant are well known in south America since the Maja time, and it was the main component of an herbal drugs used mostly to cure gastrointestinal discomfort. Recent studies also shown its activity as antidepressant, anxiolytic and sedative. Rumors also said that when smoked mixed with tobacco have an hallucinogenic effect…but don’t try it at home!


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