Tasty salads


A set of 6 different salads

Green Kale – Mustard Fringed Red – Mustard Red Giant – Pok Choy Red – Rucola – Watercress

Revitalise your everyday salads with this truly inspired variety-pack, containing six ways to spice things up! And don´t limit yourself to salad, this leafy green can also be used raw or cooked to spice up any other dish. 

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This selection contains six different plants, 18 plant capsules and a full helping of plant nutrientsThe herbs and salads contained in the package will be sufficient for about nine months of growth. 

Green kale

An healthy choice perfect for salads and smoothies. 

Fringed Red mustard 

The pretty leaves of this mustard taste like Dijon mustard. 

Red Giant mustard 

Spicy and peppery mustard, full of vitamins A, B and C.

Pok Choy Red

The beautiful read leaves of this Chinese salad combines the aromas of cabbage, spinach and mild mustard .


A wild salad with an intense nutty, peppery,  mustard-like aroma.


A peppery but fresh salads, full of vitamins, iron and calcium. 


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