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  • Experimental Kit

    Grow from your own seeds


  • Flatleaf Parsley

    A fresh all-purpose herb with vitamins and iron


  • Herbs Allstars

    A set of 6 different salads


  • Lovage

    A herb to use as a healthy substitute for salt


  • Marjoram

    Like a mild oregano, but with a sweet and more sophisticated aroma


  • Mint

    A wonderfully fragrant herb to spice up and decorate desserts, fruit salads, cakes and savoury dishes


  • Oregano

    The cornerstone of Greek and Italian dishes. Oregano goes well with beans and vegetables


  • Rosemary

    Try rosemary with roasted vegetables and meat


  • Sage

    A herb with a taste that’s spicy, deep and strong. Fry sage leaves in butter to make a tasty sauce for pasta


  • Shiso

    One of the most important herbs in Japanese cuisine. Use like basil or mint


  • Stevia

    A really sweet-tasting herb that can be used in desserts and drinks


  • Summer Savory

    A delicious herb, familiar from the Provence herb mix! Particularly suitable for use in soups, marinades and salads


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