Basil Thai

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Basil Thai Tips and Tricks

  • Sweet flavour with a hint of aniseed and liquorice.
  • Basil Thai grows into a luxurious "bush"...a lot to enjoy.
  • Basils germinate quite fast, in 5 to 6 days, and produce first leaves in a couple of weeks.
  • The growth speeds up about one month from sowing.
  • Pinch off the tips of each stem in one plant capsule when they are approx. 5 cm tall. Now the stems branch and produce even more leaves to enjoy!
  • You can harvest both big leaves and the stem tips.
  • If you wish to have this herb for weeks, only use around 30% at a time.
  • If the plants grow too tall, you can cut them at the halfway or even lower.
  • The white flowers are beautiful and edible, but to avoid bitterness in leaves use them in decoration.


Ocimum basilicum - Thai

Thai basil has a sweeter, warmer flavour than common basil, with a hint of aniseed or liquorice, and some say even pepper and cinnamon. These features make Thai basil a very alluring herb for the creative cook. Thai basil also pleases the eye with its dark green, fragrant leaves and dense growing habit. Thai basil can take the heat better than common basil, so you can add it to add flavor to Oriental soups and sauces. The obvious uses include also stir-fries and noodle dishes. The open-minded can search for Thai basil pesto recipes! Or put a Thai basil leaf into your wallet and wait: according to an old superstition, money will come.


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