Bloody Sorrel

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Bloody Sorrel Estimated Growth Time in Plantui SMART GARDEN

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Bloody Sorrel Tips and Tricks

  • A Beauty, like a decorative plant!
  • Taste is tangy and sour, resembles rhubarb. The milder young leaves can be used as a salad spice and decorating, bigger leaves can be used cooked in hot dishes.
  • Germination time 7-10 days, grows slowly at first, speeds up at 4-5 weeks from sowing.
  • Add the first Height Block about 1,5-2 weeks from sowing and the second one 5-6 weeks from sowing.
  • You can start harvesting 5 weeks from sowing, pick the biggest leaves first.
  • Cut the leaves with scissors if you want to avoid staining your hands.


Rumex sanguineus

With its spring-green leaves and dark red veins, bloody sorrel must be one of the most decorative greens you can grow. Some people consider it an ornamental perennial; others approach it with a salad bowl, scissors, and a lean and hungry look. Bloody sorrel has a clean, crisp and lemony taste. It contains oxalic acid, the same substance found in rhubarbs for example. The delicate young leaves of the bloody sorrel give a fresh zing and a festive look to your salads and cold sauces. The more mature leaves tend to be a bit too vinegary. But no worries: just shred them, melt in butter accompanied by dash of cream. Or why not make sorrel soup, one of the classic French dishes.


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