Chili Demon Red

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Chili Demon Red Tips and Tricks

  • The name tells it: Hot Chili 30,000 - 50,000 SHU based on Scoville Scale
  • Use fresh, dried or freeze your chilis.
  • We recommend using three plant capsules at a time in a Plantui 6 Smart Garden.
  • After inserting one capsule in the tray, cover the adjacent holes with a piece of cardboard or a cork of champagne bottle.
  • Two weeks germination, and then you can add the first Height block.
  • In a couple of months, there are Chilis of 10 cm high and You can add a normal or Boosting Height Block. 
  • As you see the first flowers, try Blooming Height Block and even more flowers appear.
  • By shaking the whole flowering plant now and then ensures pollination. This way the chili pepper yield is maximised.
  • You can cut off extra stems if the chili grows too big.
  • For more detailed tips & tricks around growing chilies, visit our blog.


Capsicum annuum 'Demon Red'

The Chili Demon Red plants grow many tiny, rather hot chilies. You will be able to harvest them around 4-5 months after planting. Add the fresh chilies to your cooking, or dry them for later use. Chilies can also be pre-grown in a Smart Garden and planted outdoors afterward.
The Boosting Light Height Block for Plantui 6 Smart Gardens helps your chili plants grow optimally by acting as an additional light source.
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