Leaf Radish

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Leaf Radish Tips and Tricks

  • Our fastest growing salad.
  • Typical radish red leaf stems with either oblong, lobed and even red leaves.
  • Germinates in few days.
  • Be prepared to add first Height Block as first leaves appear.
  • Use the leaves when they are young: under 10 cm.
  • Produces new leaves from the base and from the growing stems.


Raphanus sativus

Some radish species are grown for their crispy taproots, others – like ours – for their tasty leaves. Radish leaves grow rapidly. The leaves of the leaf radish are dark green with a pretty red hue. Young leaves are virtually smooth, the older ones are slightly fuzzy. Both have the familiar fresh, crisp, slightly peppery flavour of the root radish. Toss a handful of raw baby leaves to your salads to pep them up or use them to garnish hot dishes. You could also try mixing them to a super healthy smoothie. The more mature leaves can be cooked like spinach or whirled to a delicious pesto with some kick in it.


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