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To use the Microgreens Tray, simply add it to your Smart Garden 6 instead of the Plant Tray with six spaces. This accessory is not compatible with Smart Garden 3e.

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Easy - Fast - Healthy

  • Easy: let the technology do the work
  • Fast: start enjoying microgreens in 7 days!
  • Healthy: up to 40 times more vitamins!

Grow your own superfood at home!


Microgreens Tray

This product includes:
  • Microgreens Tray
  • Microgreen Radish x 1
  • Microgreen Broccoli x 1

You can now experience growing fresh microgreens at home.


Microgreens Seeds

Discover our full range of microgreens seeds.

Enjoy fast growing microgreens in 7-14 days!

Start you healthy green life with Plantui - it's time to grow!

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