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Plantui 3e


Plantui 3e Smart Garden is a unique all-in-one indoor garden device. In one Plantui 3e Smart Garden you can grow 3 plants at a time, from our Plantui Plant Capsules.  The device with its intelligent light system and automatic watering pump helps you to grow fresh, tasty and pure greens year round. Grow your favorite herbs, salad greens and edible flowers from seed to full grown plants in 5-8 weeks. No soil, no gardening skills needed!

Includes one Plantui 3e Smart Garden with two Height Blocks.

Discover our wide range of herbs, salads & edible flowers here. Plant capsules are not included.

Holds 3 Capsules

This Plantui Smart Garden fits 3 Plantui Plant Capsules, so you can grow 3 different plants at the same time. Some plants grow fast, some are a little slower. For the best growing experience, it’s recommended to grow plants with the same growth rhythm at the same time.

Photosyntesis Lights

Plants have different light requirements at each stage of their life. Plantui lights create perfect germination and growth conditions for your greens. Plantui Smart Garden has high-end led lights that provide the best spectrums and intensity needed for photosynthesis. You’ll taste the difference!

Smart Watering

Plantui Smart Garden uses the same irrigation method as professional greenhouses: it quietly pumps water to the roots 1-7 times a day, depending on the growth stage. The Plantui smart watering system ensures that plants get just the right amount of water, nutrients and oxygen. All the plastic and ceramic parts are dishwasher safe (max 55°C).

Sleep Timer

Plantui Smart Gardens sleep for 8 hours daily. The device will go automatically to sleep after 16 hours from turning it on. The timer can be readjusted, if necessary.

Holiday Pause

You can use Holiday Pause to make your plants use less water and grow slower when you are away.

Auto Descaling

Tap water may form calcium deposits in the pump and on the plastic parts. Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of citric acid with 1 liter of warm water (max 55 °C) in the water bowl (16) of an empty Smart Garden. Press the button in the Light Unit (13) for 15 sec until the lights turn green. The pump will operate for 2,5 min. If necessary, leave it to soak for a few hours and restart the pump. Then wash the parts in the dishwasher (max 55°C).

Patented worldwide



Plantui 3e Smart Garden
2 years
3 plant capsules at a time
24 cm germination phase, 31 cm 1 height block, 40 cm 2 height blocks
19 cm
Power cord
180 cm
Energy consumption
30 kWh per year
12 V (compatible all around the world)
Plug type
Dishwasher safe
Yes, (except the electrical parts), max. 55 °C
Capacity of water
1 liter
9 high-end led lights with photosynthesis spectrums
Pumping, lights, day/night cycle
Noise during pumping
about 50 dB
ABS (BPA-free)

Plantui 3e is here!

Plantui 3e is the little sister of Plantui 6, with exactly the same mechanisms but in a smaller size and a more affordable price. Just like Plantui 6, the Plantui 3e Smart Garden enables you to grow fresh herbs all year round without soil. All you need to do is to insert the plant capsules into your Plantui device and it will take care of the rest. In Plantui 3e you can grow 3 plants at a time. Grow your favorite herbs, leafy greens or edible flowers from seed to harvest in only 5-8 weeks. Soil or gardening skills won’t be needed!