Smart Garden 3

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Smart Garden 3

The Plantui Smart Garden 3 is the perfect way to start out with your first Plantui and ease into a new lifestyle. If it’s your first time gardening, 3 simple herb plants is enough to see the impact Plantui can have on your diet, health, and well-being.  

Every Plantui is an all-in-one indoor garden, developed to bring the experience of growing into your home. With an intelligent light system and automatic watering pump, anyone can grow their favorite herbs, salad greens, and edible flowers. Plastic parts can be washed in the washing machine - No soil, no mess, and no prior gardening skills required.

Start small, but we have to warn you, when you bring a Plantui into your life, it just might grow. 


This Product Plants One Tree

Each Plantui sold means one tree planted.

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Includes one Smart Garden 3 with two Height Blocks. Plant Capsules are not included with the purchase of this Indoor Garden. 

You can download the electronic version of our set-up guide here.

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Smart Garden - A Garden in Your Home

Many of us live in cities, in apartments, or in cold climates that may make gardening difficult, but we all crave the opportunity to intimately experience nature on a day to day basis. Plantui's Smart Garden is a finely designed and crafted device that allows plants to flourish in any indoor environment and gives you and your family the opportunity to grow your own herbs and greens.


Model Smart Garden 3
Warranty 2 years
Capacity 3 plants
  • 24 cm germination phase
  • 31 cm 1 height block
  • 40 cm 2 height blocks
Weight 1,36 kg
Diameter 19 cm
Power Cord Length 180 cm
Energy Consumption 60 kWh per year
Voltage 12 V (compatible all around the world)
Plug Types A, C, G & I
Dishwasher Safe Yes (except electrical parts), max 55°C
Water Capacity 1 L
Lights 9 high-end LED lights with photosynthesis spectra
Automation Pumping, lights, day/night cycle
Noise During Pumping About 50 dB
Material ABS (BPA-free)


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