Smart Garden 6 & 3 - Double KIT

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Growing with Plantui is so much fun!

If you cannot decide what to grow or want to try many different types of plants, why not get two Plantuis? Smart Garden 6 to grow fast growing salads and herbs and Smart Garden 3 to grow classic herbs that grow bit slower but produce harvest for a long time!

With this kit you will get beautiful garden full of flavor, Kale and mustard to give a kick to your cooking, Asian salad Tatsoi for experimenting new tastes on classic dishes and new recipes, together with Garden rocket and basil our loved favorites! Long lasting set comes with wonderful herbs know from many  of our favorite dishes try fresh oregano with our pizza and thyme with BBQ or roasted potatoes.

This set is perfect for exploring salads and herbs from different plant growth categories. With two Plantuis you can you have more options to grow.


NOTE! Smart Garden 3 is always white. You can select the Smart Garden 6 colour before adding the kit to your cart.

This Double kit includes

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