Smart Garden 3 + 2 Basil

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Smart Garden 3 + 2 Basil is simple as it sounds. 

It's the easiest way to grow vitamin-rich food at home 365 days a year.‎

Enjoy the most popular herb of all. 


This kit includes the following products:

Basil is sometimes called the king of herbs. This honorary title is not only tied to cooking: basil has been found in the royal burial chambers of the pyramids. Basil, with its aromatic, aniseed-like sweetish flavour and its strong clove scent, is the staple for all of us who love pesto and Caprese salad. You can also use it in pasta and risotto and throw a handful of leaves on pizzas or bruschetta. And do not dedicate this versatile herb to main dishes only! Basil and strawberries or peaches are a great match. Try cooking basil, water, and sugar into a lovely syrup and sprinkle it on fruit and berries, or mix it into your favourite summer drink.

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