The best gift for the best mom.

Give your mom a gift which keeps on giving for years to come! As an owner of a Plantui indoor garden, your mom will enjoy fresh plants and a lovely green atmosphere throughout the year. The plants grow from plant capsules – just add water and Plantui takes care of your plants by watering them regularly and optimizing the light. Simple and fun!

We're celebrating Mother's Day and the spring with a special offers on our Plantui 3 and 6 indoor gardens. Don't forget the plants: choose our curated selection of mother's favorites, or play it safe and take the Jumbo Pack, which has plants for the whole year!

Plantui Smart Garden 3

The Plantui Smart Garden 3 is the perfect indoor garden for small spaces.

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Plantui Smart Garden 6

Plantui Smart Garden 6 is the perfect indoor garden for the your family with a lot of space for your herbs and salads.

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Jumbo pack

12 most popular herbs, salads and flowers in one Jumbo-bundle – Plants for the whole year!
New plant selection!

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What is a Plantui smart indoor garden?

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