Herbs of love

Love and plants have always been connected to each other, so let's have a look at some of the stories behind the Herbs of Love.

Basil is a symbol of love in India and Italy. When an Italian woman puts a pot of basil outside her front door, it means she is open for love. Today, Basil also represents friendship, and it is a common habit to give a pot of Basil to a new neighbour as a welcome gift.

Mint is a powerful herb of ancient Greece that brings love, contains healing elements and conjures up wisdom around it. Mint tea, with a friend, does good for your body and mind.

Oregano is the herb of Creek goddess, Aphrodite, the goddess of love. This herb is associated with happiness, health and is said to be an herb of joy!

Sage was associated with the good life in the Victorian era. According to Plantuin’s empirical study, potato-gnocchi-and-sage-butter sauce is, to the greatest extent possible, a great symbol of love and an essential part of a good life.

Love can be shown, not only by flowers, but also by herbs. Basil for a friend, good life sage pasta among loved ones, and mint tea with a friend.

Happy valentines everyone, let's fill the world with love and greens!

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